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Do you live in Jackson and have noticed cracking walls, floors, bricks, or maybe have problems with your doors not opening and closing as they should? If any of those sounds like something you're dealing with then you may have a foundation issue. Our company doesn’t specialize in just one type of foundation. Whether you have a concrete slab or a pier and beam foundation, the experts with JFR can help with any residential or commercial building in the area.

Providing you with the best foundation service is our #1 priority

One of our trained inspectors will come out to your property and look for the common signs of foundation problems that have everything to do with the age and structure of the property and also the environment that surrounds the damaged foundation. Without taking all of thin information into account there’s no way to give a proper estimate. JFR uses the best combo of repair methods including drainage solutions and underpinning methods to make sure you wont have continuous foundation issues in the future whenever we’re done the first time.

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Why Choose Us?

Why do you need jackson foundation repair?

It goes without being said, but the main reason that you should have your foundation repaired is to eliminate any future foundation damage that can become more costly than a preventative measure. Not to mention the longer your foundation cracks or sags the more your property value will diminish when it comes time to have an inspector inspect your home or business to sale. Our team is experienced in getting property owners in Jackson, MS the information on what it takes for a quality repair to their foundations.

Just know that 100% of the time that a foundation issue is dealt with while they’re relatively small that the investment is MUCH less than letting your foundation become even more out of level and possibly pose a safety concern for your family or employees. We frequently install concrete and steel piers to level your foundation at whatever grade and slope it has sagged too. Piers tend to work really well in this Hinds county clay and keep your foundation from moving.

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Facts About Yazoo Clay Around the Jackson Metro Area

Yazoo Clay is one of the country's most problematic types of foundation base. Add in the fact that Mississippi builders aren't required to do boring tests to get a soil sample before building, and you have a recipe for disaster in most cases for any home built in the Jackson Metro area. Expansive clay like Yazoo can and will eventually wreak havoc on a foundation. Yazoo clay runs across a large part of central Mississippi, not just Madison like a lot of people think. Our advice at Jackson Foundation Repair for anyone looking to buy or build around Jackson, MS is to have soil borings performed prior to building, or if you're buying to have borings done around the house prior to buying to know confidently if there's expansive clay around the home. A home that has appeared to be steady and stable for a long period of time is still vulnerable because the clay around here is heavily dependent on the weather. It's hard to pinpoint, but one thing is certain if the house has remained stable for a number of years that's great, but if there is a sudden year of excessive rain, flooding, or even if there's a long period of drought then that clay is going to start moving and shifting.

In addition, a structural report that you may receive before purchasing a house is only going to show you what's going on with the structure at that moment. It will not tell you what potential there is for any future foundation issue (AKA: worthless without any sub-surface info)

Our final word about building or buying in Jackson, MS: GET BORING SAMPLES. It's the only way to assure what type of foundation issues you may or may not be getting yourself into.

What should I expect when you come to my home?

• First, we will discuss your concerns

• After we will draft a diagram of your home foundation. We will measure your home accurately with a tape measure instead of “stepping off” or using any other way of guessing distances like some contractors are known to do.

• We will access your drainage around the property

• We will note all vegetation to factor in root intrusion to your foundation if you have a cement slab to mediate any future damages that a tree or large bush could potentially pose.

• We always take into consideration of pre-existing exterior damages and let you be well aware before the job is started.

• After the outside draft is made, an inspector will come in and draft a floor plan of the interior of your home

• We will note the locations of all interior cosmetic damage for both of our needs.

• We will then take an elevation survey of your property

• Using the data we get from our elevation level, we will prepare a diagram that shows the contour of your foundation as it is.

• We will then take all of this information that we gathered, check it, and make tailored recommendations to you. The recommendations will address your concerns first and foremost as well as the actual physical condition of your home.

• Our last step will be to elaborate on all of our findings from all of the data we collected and give you the best information you can expect from a quality foundation repair Jackson, MS team.

​Our main objective here is clarity. We want you to understand what is causing the foundation issue to your home and what we can do to help you.

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Did a great job repairing the foundation on a rental property I recently acquired. Quickest contractor to come out and bid the job as well

Katie George


Gave a fair foundation repair estimate and ended up doing a great job at a lower cost than my other two quotes I was given

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Very friendly staff. They hold true to their schedule and respect your time. Will be back again anytime I ever need any home leveling done!

Jody Davis


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